NZSL Action Plan - Actions for implementation

New Zealand Sign Language Action Plan 2016 – 2018: Update contains the following actions for implementation. This section provides more detail on the actions and progress with implementation. Action scopes will be available in this section, as they are approved.


Action 5A: Develop interpreter standards

This action will analyse international evidence and relevant New Zealand experience on sign language interpreting standards to inform future development of interpreting services.

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Action 2A: Information for parents of deaf children

This action will look at how parents of deaf children receive information on sign language and how improvements can be made.

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Download the Scope of Action 2A - 'Information for parents of deaf children' [PDF, 66.96KB] [PDF, 67 KB]



Action 1D: Deaf leadership in education

This action will investigate and report on barriers (and potential solutions) to Deaf people taking leadership and other roles in deaf education.

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Download the Scope of 1D 'Deaf leadership in education' [Word, 35.38KB] [DOCX, 35 KB]


Action 3C: NZSL Online Hub

Action 2B: Early on-going access

This action will explore opportunities to strengthen how deaf babies, children and young people are supported to use NZSL at home as well as at school, in particular looking at early acquisition, learning from fluent NZSL users and the inclusion of families, whānau and communities.

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Download the Scope of 2B 'Early on-going access' [Word, 66.38KB] [DOCX, 66 KB]


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