Round 2 Recipients

Twenty-four projects for the second funding round (1 July 2015 to 30 June 2016) were approved and received a total of $751,114.

Successful projects include the development of a youth mentorship programme, a series of NZSL Immersion Courses in Otago where there is very limited access to NZSL for families with deaf children and a national conference for families with Deaf children. Below is the complete list of recipients:

  • NZSL for Families – support 15 families to attend a 24-week family-based NZSL learning course based at the Sign Language Hub in Auckland. Auckland Deaf Society, $8,750
  • NZSL Experiences for Playgroup Families – monthly NZSL playgroup sessions and a NZSL family camp for those in the Wellington region. NZSL Bubs and Tots Playgroup – Wellington Region (Fundholder: Wellington Association for Deaf Children), $32,100
  • Big Brothers Big Sisters in NZSL – establish a sustainable youth mentoring programme for Deaf children who will benefit from the support of a carefully screened Deaf mentor. Deaf and NZSL-related aspects will be added to the current programme. Big Brothers Big Sisters of New Zealand, $80,900
  • 4th National Deaf Youth Camp – a national Deaf youth camp that brings Deaf youth between the ages of 18 to 30 years old together and encourages leadership through workshops and activities. Auckland Deaf Society, $12,811.28
  • Whānau Hub – a pilot drop-in centre in South Auckland open to families wanting to access NZSL accessible parenting courses, coffee groups and other relevant services. The year-long pilot will also establish a buddy system with Māori and Pacific Deaf parents. Geneva Elevator, $30,000
  • NZSL Immersion Courses – ten weekend NZSL immersion courses will be provided to families with deaf children in Dunedin who have very limited access to learning NZSL. Otago Association for Deaf Children, $27,000
  • NZSL Holiday Programme – one-week long NZSL holiday programme for deaf and hearing school-aged children between the ages of five to thirteen years old who have a Deaf family member. Wellington Association for Deaf Children $26,541.15
  • 2016 New Zealand Federation for Deaf Children Family Conference – a weekend conference in June for parents and families of Deaf and hard of hearing children with a series of speakers, workshops and activities on various topics around raising a Deaf child. New Zealand Federation for Deaf Children, $50,000
  • After school art classes for Deaf children – weekly visual art classes taught in NZSL by a Deaf tutor over two terms in 2016, where Deaf, hard-of-hearing children and hearing children of Deaf adults in Auckland will be provided with the opportunity to explore the visual arts in NZSL. Māpura Studios, $6,285
  • NZSL Proficiency Instrument (NZSL SLPI) Adult Assessment Tool – development and implementation of a nationally recognised NZSL assessment tool and assessment system which enables NZSL proficiency of adults, hearing or Deaf, to be assessed. Ministry of Education, $223,391.96 (2015-2016: $146,108.70; 2016-2017: $77,366.96)
  • Standardised NZSL Student Assessment Tools: Phase One – develop a standardised NZSL assessment toolkit that will measure the progress of children aged 3 to 11 years old acquiring NZSL. Combined Board of Trustees of Kelston Deaf Education Centre and van Asch Deaf Education Centre, $80,000
  • NZSL Tutors Professional Development Pathway – a programme of mentoring, coaching and a buddy system for current and future NZSL Tutors. Auckland Deaf Society, $15,000
  • Governance and Leadership Training – develop a governance, leadership and practical project management programme preparing Deaf participants for leadership roles in the Deaf community. Auckland Deaf Society, $21,000
  • Signs: A Deaf Script Writing Workshop – Deaf-led scriptwriting workshops giving Deaf people an opportunity to tell their own stories in their own way in a theatrical medium. Over 9 sessions, participants will research and explore new methods of scriptwriting and documenting Deaf theatre. Last Tapes Theatre Company, $20,750
  • NZSL Championships! – encourage create an increased awareness of the technical and artistic value of NZSL by making NZSL performance a fun competitive event. Run a regional NZSL Championship in Auckland, Wellington and Christchurch, and a final in a major city. Deafradio, $16,749.57
  • At The End Of My Hands – a bilingual theatre performance in Christchurch with three shows and a series of workshops. University of Waikato, $29,620
  • Mo Money – increase financial literacy within the Deaf community by providing free access to online financial literacy courses in NZSL. New Zealand Federation of Family Budgeting Services, $11,500
  • Te Ao Māori workshop for interpreters – three workshops for NZSL interpreters learning strategies on how to work successfully with Māori in interpreted settings. Sign Language Interpreters Association of New Zealand, $5,450
  • Te Reo Singalong books in NZSL – NZSL translation of four award-winning stories in te reo, available free online. The Writing Bug, $15,000
  • Making History! – preserve the visual history of the oldest Deaf Club in New Zealand with digitisation of all material with exhibitions and the production of a film. Deaf Society of Canterbury, $26,991.30
  • New Zealand Deaf Games 2016 – employment of an administrator for the New Zealand Deaf Games in Hamilton during Labour Weekend 2016 who will also focus on future changes to the Games. Deaf Sports New Zealand, $25,000
  • Deaf Rainbow – establishment of a new support group for the Deaf GLBT community in New Zealand with a number of raising awareness initiatives. Auckland Deaf Society, $4,040
  • Brackenridge NZSL – provide weekly NZSL courses for its team of facilitators who work with Deaf people over 42 weeks. Brackenridge Estate, $8,000
  • Negotiating healthcare through NZSL: Experiences of Deaf New Zealanders – create a corpus of authentic stories from Deaf people discussing their experiences of understanding health information. Auckland University of Technology, $51,517

In March 2016, Deaf Aotearoa received $295,000 from the NZSL Fund to support NZSL Week 2016.


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