Enabling Good Lives

Enabling Good Lives is a partnership between government agencies and the disability sector aimed at long term transformation of how disabled people and families are supported to live everyday lives.

The Enabling Good Lives approach is based on supporting disabled people's access to everyday life in everyday places, rather than focusing on 'special' places or activities for disabled people with a vision that:

'In the future, disabled children and adults and their families will have greater choice and control over their supports and lives, and make more use of natural and universally available supports.'

Key messages about Enabling Good Lives

You can read the key messages about Enabling Good Lives.     

Find out about the Enabling Good Lives demonstrations

Visit the Enabling Good Lives website for information on:

  • the demonstrations in Christchurch and the Waikato
  • the Enabling Good Lives approach
  • National Leadership team.

Go to the Enabling Good Lives website

Read the Questions and Answers (2013) about the Christchurch demonstration

Background information about Enabling Good Lives

Find out how the Enabling Good Lives approach started and the Government's commitment to progressing the initiative.

You can also read the report from the Social Services Select Committee's 2008 inquiry into the quality of care and service provision for disabled people and the Government's response.


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