Implementation of the Convention in New Zealand

In this section you can learn more about how the process for reporting on the Convention and what New Zealand has done to date.

How does reporting on the Convention work?

Every government that has ratified the Convention has to provide regular progress reporting on implementation. The first report is due two years after ratification and then every four years after that.

After a government has submitted a progress report, the United Nations Committee on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities will send the country a 'List of Issues'. These are a list of questions the Committee wants the government to answer in writing. These questions are normally based on the information from the government's progress report as well as reports from civil society organisations (non-government organisations).

Once the government has provided answers to the questions in the List of Issues, representatives from the government will go to Geneva, Switzerland to meet with the Committee. At the meeting the Committee asks the government more questions about what it is doing to implement the Convention. The Committee also meets separately with civil society organisations.

The progress report, List of Issues, information from civil society and the meeting in Geneva are all part of the review of progress for each country that has ratified the Convention.

After the review of progress, the Committee sends each country 'Concluding Observations'. These recognise the things the country is doing well on, and also includes recommendations on things that need to improve.

Has New Zealand's progress in implementing the Convention been reviewed?

Yes. New Zealand has completed the first review of progress.

The first progress report on implementation of the Convention was submitted to the United Nations in March 2011. This followed public consultation on the report from November to December 2010.

Read NZ's first report on implementation

In September 2014, the United Nations Committee held the first review meeting in Geneva on how New Zealand was implementing the Convention. 

Read the UN's first review of implementation

When is the next review of New Zealand's progress?

New Zealand's second review started in March 2018 (four years since the first review meeting in 2014).

The process for New Zealand's next review is different to last time. Instead of submitting a separate progress report, the Government needs to respond to the List of Issues. This process is called a 'Simplified Reporting Process'. It has been offered to countries because the Committee was facing some challenges in reviewing all countries that had ratified the Convention. This process will help speed things up, while still making sure countries get reviewed regularly.






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