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Challenge for Growth in NZSL

Challenge for Growth in NZSL will allow deaf children and teenagers, and their whānau/families, throughout New Zealand to develop positive relationships with positive role models, leadership skills, self-esteem and confidence while being exposed to NZSL in a variety of settings.
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New Zealand Well-being Statistics 2016

New Zealand Well-being Statistics 2016, which was published by Stats NZ on Thursday 20 July, includes some useful information about the well-being of New Zealanders living with impairment.
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Sharing your Strategy in Action stories

We're always delighted to hear of the living proof that we, in New Zealand, are breaking down the barriers to make our country a less disabling place to live, work and play. Share your stories.
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Report on NZSL Interpreter Standards released

The report, 'A review of NZSL Interpreter Standards' provides a current snapshot of the issues faced by the Deaf community to access a high-quality interpreting service throughout New Zealand.