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Office for Disability Issues Stakeholder Survey

It is always important to understand the views of people who are close to our work. This provides the opportunity to celebrate and strengthen those aspects of our work that are regarded as positive and effective. Of equal importance is understanding where those we work with closely think we can do better or to find out where our role is not fully understood.

The Office for Disability Issues recently ran a Stakeholder Survey. This survey sought stakeholder views on our effectiveness at carrying out our role, on our level of engagement and on our methods of communication. We sought views from 93 stakeholders with whom we have regular contact and received a response from 45 people – a 48.4% response rate.

Thank you very much to those who responded. Your feedback is very valuable in informing the work that we do.

Throughout the year, there are other ways to provide feedback, for example through email, phone call or our website. We are always open to hearing what you have to say.

We would like to share the key results from the survey with you in the Table below.

Survey question% answering "effective" or "very effective"
Please rate our effectiveness at fulfilling our role by providing advice to government agencies on disability issues 73%
Please rate our effectiveness at fulfilling our role by sharing ideas and growing the understanding of issues that are important to disabled people 64%
Please rate our effectiveness at fulfilling our role by helping to facilitate an effective working relationship between the disability sector and government agencies 64%
A recent key work programme for the Office for Disability Issues has been the revision of the New Zealand Disability Strategy. How effective has the Office for Disability Issues been in doing this work? 79%
Overall, how satisfied are you with the methods of communication that the Office for Disability Issues uses? 73%
How useful is the information that you receive from the Office for Disability Issues? 75%
Do you agree or disagree that the Office for Disability Issues positively contributes towards addressing disability issues? 70%
Overall, how satisfied are you with the level of engagement the Office for Disability Issues has had with you? 65%

You told us that we have very competent staff.

We received a lot of positive comments on the capability of our staff. Thank you for this, we will continue to emphasise our friendly, helpful approach and to provide useful and accessible information.

Some examples of the comments we received:

“The people employed at the Office are always easy to work alongside and are friendly and helpful. They work hard to make their information accessible.”

 “ODI has been bold enough to take on some of the new emerging ideas and trends in disability.”

You were very positive about the revision of the New Zealand Disability Strategy

We asked how effective ODI was in revising the New Zealand Disability Strategy, and 78.75% of you told us that we were “effective” or “very effective”. Thank you for the fantastic feedback on our work on the revision of the Strategy. The team worked incredibly hard on this last year, and we are determined that together we can achieve the Strategies vision of a non-disabling society.

An example of the feedback we received is:

“ODI did a wonderful job running workshops all over the country, plus online. You sent out at least one draft Strategy. I put in a couple of submissions and I believe my comments were heard. The Strategy reads well and paints a picture of a society I would like to live in.”

 We have room for improvement

It was important to get feedback on what ODI can do better, so that we can identify how we can improve in the future. Some of the themes included:

We could use Social Media more effectively:

“I’d like to see a greater presence of ODI on Social Media.”

“… be a page that everyone wants to join.”

There were a lot of comments about ODI’s resources:

 “We think ODI is effective given the resource it has.”

We should clarify our role:

“Need to have a clarity of role and process.”

We are very Wellington focussed:

“It can be easy to stay focussed in Wellington when innovative activity, ideas and influence around the country and in the wider disability world could be valuable.”

Greater representation of minority groups

“My one comment is the lack of acknowledgement of the aspirations of disabled women.”

Thank you again to everyone who participated in the survey.


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