Outcome 2 in Action - Employment & Economic Security - Autism NZ's Employment Programme

With the support of funding from the Ministry of Social Development, Autism NZ is supporting jobseekers on the autism spectrum in all parts of the employment process: identifying career options, writing CVs, practising interview skills, accompanying clients to job interviews and post-placement support. This service is currently limited to the Auckland region.


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 A young man with autism talks about the success he’s had using this service.

“The first organisation I went to for help with getting a job didn’t understand, so I just had to ditch them.

“I was terrified after that experience and felt like I couldn’t approach any other organisation. I gave up  hope of finding a good job.”

He then heard about the Autism NZ’s Employment Programme.

“I was scared of putting myself out there again. But I knew I had to try.”

The employment facilitator spent time getting to know him and practising with him for the interview, which was important for his confidence.

“The employment facilitator saw potential in me and had faith. It’s like she could see my vision and just wanted to help me make it come true. When you find someone fighting for you, it gives you the strength to fight for yourself as well.”

The young man was accompanied by his facilitator for the first few days of work and she assisted him with  his training, which helped him settle into the job successfully. The young man now helps with the training of new staff.

“I want to see other people like me thrive, all around New Zealand. Some of us feel neglected and  put down once we’ve turned 18. We still need a lot of help after leaving school, and services like  Autism NZ’s Employment Programme can help.”

Resources and Guidance to support the implementation of Outcome 2 - Employment

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